Terms and Conditions


We like to be easy to do business with, so our terms are simply these:

  • If you like an item and purchase it, we'll send it. 

  • If the item gets lost in transit we will replace it with another one, but if we don't have any more of that item, we'll give you a full refund. 

  • If the item is damaged in transit, you must keep all the packaging, provide photographic evidence of the damaged item including the packaging and advise us by email within 3 days. We may ask you to help us make the appropriate claim, but you will not have to for pay for something you didn't receive or is damaged. We will either replace the item if we have another one or if we haven't any more of that item, we'll give you a full refund. 

  • Please note some of the items sent will be similar to the ones in the photographs, (obviously we can't send the exact one in the photograph, otherwise we'd spend all our time taking pictures) but where we only have one of an item it will be the same one as in the picture. 

  • All items are absolutely genuine and original.

  • We do not charge tax or import duties on any item so if there is any importation tax or other duty or charges of any kind payable, then you are responsible for their payment. 

  • For the heavier engineering items please contact us before paying, we will need to advise you the shipping costs.


That's it really, no long winded complicated circular clauses, just straight forward decency! 

When you pay for an item you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms.