Millennium Dome Paper Weight

Millennium Dome Paper Weight


Commemorative Millennium Dome Paper Weight

Made exclusively for British Airways by Wedgwood. Ceramic paper weight transfer printed with Western hemisphere map and aerial view on the top. Resembling the shape of the Millennium Dome and featuring Concordes around top edge pointing to Concorde over map. 

On its side is the date line; London was 00:00 hours 01.01.00. New York was still 19:00 hours on 31.12.99. Moving round the paper weight one finds the date line where, New York is 00:00 hours on 01.01.00 and London was at 05:00 hours 01.01.00.

This item is presented with a British Airways certificate and comes in a Wedgwood (blue) box and with outer (white) sleeve bearing Concorde logo. Approx size: 80mm across the base, it stands 55mm high.

These were only given to passengers who flew on Concorde during the last few months of 1999. They are a brilliant, 3 in 1 collectable item, Wedgwood, millennium and most importantly, Concorde!

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