“Black/Silver Line” 4 piece set

“Black/Silver Line” 4 piece set


Black/Silver Line China Concorde

This 4 piece set comprises, cup, saucer, small plate and medium plate. 

Another elegant design was this Black & Silver Line, "silver" refers to colour, it is actually "metalised". 

The black rim line is separated from the "silver" line by the colour of the white fine china, so it appears as three colours, but in fact just the two create this effect.

We also include the tea spoon (in the photograph) from an early issue on Concorde.

Each piece is marked Royal Doulton, Fine Bone China and has the corresponding British Airways part number. The marking includes the Royal Doulton "Lion standing on 5 point Crown".

All of the pieces in this design were made by either Royal Doulton or Wedgwood. The part numbers were the same irrespective of which fine maker made them, so it's quite normal to find items made by either maker.

Part number                Description 

EC1042 or EC1044      Cup 

EC1089                        Saucer 

EC1087                        Small Plate approx. 4 1/2"

EC1103                         Medium Plate approx. 5 1/2" 


Please note the cups offered here are the "Silver/Black Line" design; the purists would claim they are not the matching cup and that is true! However, when in service these were used interchangeably because the handles used to break off the "Black/Silver Line" sets, so they are almost impossible to obtain, hence this substitution.

Note too, that these cups were made by Royal Doulton and Wedgwood although the part numbers were the same regardless or which fine maker made them. If you have a preference please say so when ordering, we shall do our best to accommodate your request.