Conran - Concorde - Single Place Setting

Conran - Concorde - Single Place Setting


Concorde Conran China Single Place Setting

British Airways commissioned Conran to design for them, what was to become the last desighn used on Concorde. 

August 2000: British Airways suspended its supersonic operations, following the tragic accident involving an Air France Concorde outside Paris, July 2000.

British Airways then commissioned Conran to design for them new china, glass and cutlery for use on their refurbished Concorde fleet. 

The result was a modest and uncomplicated design of:

  • Fine Bone China, made by Royal Doulton, (each piece is marked "Royal Doulton, Fine China" and with the corresponding British Airways part number). 
  • Crystalline glass made by Nachtmann (containing between 7-10% lead), each piece marked with the British Airways "Speed mark".
  • Stainless Steel cutlery, exclusively designed by Conran to evoke the shape of the aircraft and made by Abco, each piece marked with the British Airways "Speed mark". The cutlery is made from Stainless steel containing 18% chrome and 10% nickel.

Each place setting comprising:


Salad Bowl, Large Plate, Dessert Bowl, Small Plate, Cup & Saucer, Canape Dish, Oval Meal Dish and Butter Pat. 


Champagne Flute, Wine Glass and Tumbler.


Knife, Fork, Dessert Spoon, Tea Spoon, Napkin Ring and Linen Napkin.

British Airways re-launched it's scheduled supersonic service to New York on November 2001, that was the first time any of this new design would be available on board and it was only ever used on board Concorde!

Following the tragic events of 9/11, all metal cutlery was, by legislation, removed from all aircraft, so the Conran Cutlery was removed!

The details:

Part number    Description:

EC1141           Salad Bowl

EC1140          Large Plate

EC1137           Dessert Bowl

EC 1138          Small Plate

EC1135           Cup

EC1136           Saucer

EC1144           Canape Dish

EC1142            Oval Meal Dish

EC1143            Butter Pat

EG1055           Champagne flute

EG1050           Wine Glass

EG1049           Tumbler

EC2081            Knife

EC2080           Fork

EC2079           Dessert Spoon

EC2082           Tea Spoon

EF5089           Napkin Ring

Napkin             Ewart Lidell Celado Napkin

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